Yep, this sucks…

Keto flu

If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I started out strict keto and then gradually moved into lazy keto.

Lazy keto is exactly as it sounds – a more relaxed version of keto – less tracking, more food options (because you’re not analyzing everything you put in your mouth!) I continued to lose weight this way and maintain my loss.

Every once in awhile, I pop back into a stricter form of keto to give myself a little jumpstart. Especially if I have a particularly high carb up day.

This week,  I popped back into strict keto. But this time,  keto flu hit.

I’ve heard horror stories about keto flu,  I’ve read tons of material on it, but the most I’ve ever experienced was a bad headache for a few days! That all changed the past 24 hours…

I won’t go into specific details… but let’s just say the bathroom had become my best friend 😕

Numerous bottles of water, powerade zero and yes,  my beloved pickle juice, and I’m slowly feeling better. But the past 24 hours were brutal. I managed to stay on track, however, and battled back with my electrolytes.  I even managed to drag myself to the gym for my workout… and somehow I muddled through.

I’m sure my “flu” was on the milder side but it still sucked. To those of you who have it full-blown…I salute you! You are troopers!

It can only go up from here! Keto on!!



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