Updating My Goals!



Hitting my weight loss goal seemed to ignite a passion for me.  A passion to inspire others, a passion to learn, a passion to LIVE.

Since hitting that huge goal – a goal that at one point seemed a remote possibility – I’ve wanted to do MORE.  It seems like lately my goals are changing almost daily.

There’s a fire ignited in me that just wants to keep going and live life to the fullest.

Who knows, I’m 45….maybe it’s a mid-life crisis.  LOL

All I know is that there’s a definite difference in the way I’m living.  Up early every day.  Hitting the gym consistently.  Publicly talking about my journey.  Helping and encouraging others to reach their goals.  Just this blog alone is a direct result of my passion.

Heck, I even just signed up for 3 online college courses.  Me.  At 45.  Taking more college courses.  What even?  Two of those courses are directly related to Health & Wellness.  I’m a senior manager in banking.  Go figure.

Compuer courses

I’ve been reached out to numerous times lately about joining different organizations as a coach.  But those groups aren’t aligned with the Keto way of living.

So, guess what?  This girl is focused on learning more.  This girl is focused on helping others.  Coaching is definitely on the horizon for me – just not along the lines of what you see out there now.

Maybe it’s time for a new type of Health & Wellness coaching….maybe it’s time for one with a Keto element involved.

Maybe it’s time to see what this girl can do….Stay tuned!  🙂



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