Total Gamechanger!

walmart-logoLately I’ve been seeing commercials advertising the Walmart Grocery App and online ordering.  Wasn’t 100% sold on it… but it definitely seemed interesting.  This weekend a good friend of mine posted a referral code for $10 off and I thought sure… why not?

Let me tell you – this is a total gamechanger!! I will never go back to shopping in store for full orders again!

Walmart grocery

The process is amazingly simple.  You can go online to Walmart Grocery or use the app. Register for an account, select the closest store that offers the service, select a pick up time frame and then start shopping!


You can view the different departments or search a specific item directly.  The best part is they only show the current inventory for the store!

Individual Items

Select the items and quantity and just add to your cart! You can even click on the little heart to mark an item as a favorite.

Once you’re done “shopping” – click Checkout and you’re good to go! The order is sent to the store and they’ll pull your items for you. Once your order is ready – you’ll receive an email or a text saying your order is ready!

Pick up

Here’s where it gets fun!

Once you receive that text/email/ alert and you’re ready to head to the store – simply click ‘Check in’ and enter the color of your car. Using gps, it’ll track your travel to the store.  I literally pulled into a spot and before I had my Jeep in park,  the team member was on her way out to my car!

Pick up

Every item is bagged up and brought out on a cart full of crates.  You sign for your order and they even load everything into your car for you!

Even better? Mark that you’ll allow substitutions and if something you ordered is now not available – they’ll replace it with an equal or better item at the same price! Can’t beat that!

Like I said,  this is a total gamechanger! I will not go back to our regular shopping in store for full orders! It saved SO much time and I actually spent significantly less since I stuck to my list!

Intrigued and want to try it out? Here’s a code to get $10 off your first order!!

Try it out and let me know what you think!! Happy Shopping!

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