Tomorrow is another day…

Okay,  tonight I’m exhausted. I’m literally lying on the family room floor like a slug right now with our dog.


Today was my rest day from the gym. Today was my first day back at work after a week off and my workload was obscene. Today I didn’t make the greatest food choices.

And guess what? I’m feeling it big time.

Since starting this healthier way of eating,  I’ve felt tremendously good. Happy, healthy… just an overall amazing feeling. My body is now accustomed to this way of living.  But my body lets me know now that it’s not happy when I stray off this healthy path,  even slightly!

You can’t beat yourself up over bad food choices… it happens. Life happens. Not every day will be sunshine,  unicorns and rainbows!

So, for tonight,  I’ll pick myself up off this floor… take this adorable little fur face for his nighttime walk and then go to bed.

Go for a walk

Tomorrow is another day and I’ve got this.

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