The Start of My Personal Keto Journey

Me ComparisonLike I said earlier, I’m by no means an expert on Keto or fitness or healthier living. This just worked for me and given the chance – can work for you too! I’m not here to sell you anything or have you join my team.  I’m just here to share my journey and possibly provide some inspiration to others!

I started my Keto journey in mid-August 2017. The picture on the right (above) is the day before my journey started.

I saw many Keto success stories online and on Facebook and was astonished at their results. Figured it was too good to be true. So I researched and read everything I could find online about the Ketogenic Diet. And like you, reading this right now, I thought wow – this is complicated!

So I went online and printed off food lists and shopping lists. Looked up recipes galore.  And I kept putting off the start date.  I found every excuse in the book to not start on a given day.  My favorite excuse was  “tomorrow isn’t Monday… you can’t start a diet on a day other than Monday!” Looking back,  I was just scared of failing yet again.

Finally,  I started.

In the beginning,  I was strict keto. I had ‘My Fitness Pal’ app filtered down to macros.  I logged everything I ate.  I was very disciplined.

And I’m glad I was. It gave me the best start!

The picture on the left (above) is 2 months into my journey.  2 months! I had already dropped 35 pounds by then.  The difference was astonishing. Even more shocking is the picture down below… my husband and I were buying a new car in October 2017 and while at the dealership. I had to pull out my driver’s license. Taken 11 months prior…. can you see that difference??? That’s when I KNEW this was for me.

Drivers license

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