September – New Month New Schedules


It has been quite crazy in our household the past few weeks. A total blur of cheer practices, back to school shopping,  open house, pep rallies and football games! School started this past Monday and while it calmed down slightly- its still crazier than I would like.

One thing I’ve had to adjust is my workout schedule.  I used to be a person who worked out at night and then in the mornings on the weekends. When school let out in June,  I switched to very early mornings.  And, somehow,  I became a morning person! 🌞

When school started this week I realized I was going to need to adjust my time slightly.   Who knew that tiny time change would throw me off?

Coordinating my training times around getting our daughter up and out the door to school on time has been fun.  But I think I’m finally settled into a great pattern. Only time will tell at this point! Once it starts getting darker in the mornings, I may not be quite the morning person!

Stay Tuned!!

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