Review Time! thinkThin Protein Cakes



While grocery shopping the other day,  I spied these nestled in among the protein bars. thinkThin Protein Cakes.  I’m always on the lookout for tasty Keto-friendly snacks and at 8g net carbs per package – they were definitely a treat! I’m very picky with protein bars and cookies so I was pretty hesitant.

I grabbed two – Birthday Cake and Chocolate Cake. Both were $1.99/ each at Walmart.

The first one I tried was Chocolate Cake because,  well… Chocolate.  🙂 It was so good! Two small bite-sized cakes. Each a little more than two bites each.  The perfect little snack. Each cake was moist and not grainy like many protein bars/cookies tend to be.

Birthday cake was equally as good! Both flavors almost reminded me of eating a cake pop… which is amazing itself.

If you’re looking for a quick on-the-go sweet treat,  give these a try! You won’t be disappointed!

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