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Updating My Goals!



Hitting my weight loss goal seemed to ignite a passion for me.  A passion to inspire others, a passion to learn, a passion to LIVE.

Since hitting that huge goal – a goal that at one point seemed a remote possibility – I’ve wanted to do MORE.  It seems like lately my goals are changing almost daily.

There’s a fire ignited in me that just wants to keep going and live life to the fullest.

Who knows, I’m 45….maybe it’s a mid-life crisis.  LOL

All I know is that there’s a definite difference in the way I’m living.  Up early every day.  Hitting the gym consistently.  Publicly talking about my journey.  Helping and encouraging others to reach their goals.  Just this blog alone is a direct result of my passion.

Heck, I even just signed up for 3 online college courses.  Me.  At 45.  Taking more college courses.  What even?  Two of those courses are directly related to Health & Wellness.  I’m a senior manager in banking.  Go figure.

Compuer courses

I’ve been reached out to numerous times lately about joining different organizations as a coach.  But those groups aren’t aligned with the Keto way of living.

So, guess what?  This girl is focused on learning more.  This girl is focused on helping others.  Coaching is definitely on the horizon for me – just not along the lines of what you see out there now.

Maybe it’s time for a new type of Health & Wellness coaching….maybe it’s time for one with a Keto element involved.

Maybe it’s time to see what this girl can do….Stay tuned!  🙂



Meal Prep Sunday!


Meal Prep

I’m back… just in time for Meal Prep Sunday!

It’s been an absolutely crazy week in my world.

My dad had surgery on Tuesday in Philadelphia- which went very well – but he then had some complications after which resulted in him still being in the hospital today. We went down to visit him yesterday and he’s doing significantly better! He’ll be in until at least Wednesday as he’s having a second surgery on Tuesday.

My dad and I are very close so it’s been a rough week for me. Thankfully I was able to keep on track with my workouts and nutrition – mainly in part to my meal prep last weekend.

Meal prep is KEY for me.  I have a very demanding career and then I come home to my full- time job as a wife and mom. There’s very little downtime!

Every Sunday I do my grocery shopping and then spend the late afternoon/evening meal prepping for the week ahead.

Most mornings I’m up early, off to the gym,  home to shower and then in a mad dash out the door to work. To be able to have meals and snacks prepped ahead of time saves me so much time!

One of my favorites is shredded chicken.  You can make a huge batch of it and then prepare/season it many different ways! Sugar free bbq sauce, fajita seasoning, buffalo sauce, add some mayo for chicken salad… the possibilities are endless. Pair it up with some green beans or other veggie and you’re good to go!

Another favorite of mine is steak tips, seasoned and a perfect medium-rare. Add broccoli with a touch of cheddar sauce and a perfect lunch.

Steak tips

Snacks are another big deal for me. Whether I’m stuck at my desk in my home office for the day,  traveling or sitting in an all-day conference – I need my snacks! Cubed cheese, meat sticks,  pickles,  hardboiled eggs, olives, sausage & cream cheese roll ups, sugar free jello, nuts…all prepped and  packaged and ready to go!

By taking an hour or so each weekend to prep for the week ahead… you’ll manage to avoid those inevitable moments of “what am I gonna eat for lunch?” And avoid those unhealthy temptations in the breakroom!


Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Cordon Bleu

Tried a new recipe tonight!

Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Spotted this recipe on Facebook a few days ago and it looked so good and super simple to make!

I didn’t use the super fast shortcuts the creator did…I actually had some shredded chicken already on hand and just diced up some tavern ham instead of using the pre-packaged for both.  I also skipped the crushed pork rinds but think I’ll add them next time for a little crunch!

Into the oven
Into the Oven!

Really a great recipe! Super flavorful and the family loved it!

We’ll definitely make this again soon!!


Keto Waffles


On Sundays when my family is not out and about going 20 different directions, we like to have a nice big family breakfast together.

Today was one of those Sundays.

Our youngest daughter, Rachel, is an an avid cook.  She loves experimenting with recipes with me.  Today she helped me out in the kitchen.

Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Toast and my favorite Keto waffles!

I posted a few weeks ago about my love for Keto pancakes – see that post here . Believe it or not, you use the same exact pancake recipe that I referenced there for the waffles! Only addition is to add 1 tablespoon of melted butter! Mix well and then grab that waffle iron and have fun!

And P.S. – These freeze really well! So make a few extra for a quick breakfast during the week!

Family breakfast