Rainy Saturday Fun

Sat 7.21.18

The sun was shining early this morning when I was up and out the door to the gym! Full workout plus a 2-mile run 🏃‍♀️

Hot and sweaty from my workout, I went directly to the dealer for a tire rotation on my Jeep. I looked like a sight I’m sure! No shower, messy hair and a tank top and shorts…So classy 🤣

My hubby had to work this weekend so my girls and I had a girls day… just as the rain started.  Spa appt where I took 4 inches off my hair! I couldn’t believe how long my hair was before!

4 inches gone!!

After the spa,  we drove for a day of shopping… had a total blast! I kept it keto with my big travel mug of water and even grabbed some of my favorite food on the go! A bunless plain double cheeseburger from McD’s. A simple, quick fill-me-up. This particular location even wrapped it in lettuce for me without even asking… bonus!

While shopping,  I was sending a selfie to my husband with my new haircut and noticed my back view in the mirror.  Damn! That’s MY legs! This working out thing is really paying off!!


Hello legs
Hello Legs!!

This was a total NSV for me today! Cue happy dance!!

Now everyone is home- curled up and relaxing while it pours outside.  I have my favorite Egg Drop soup from our local Chinese restaurant and this girl plans to veg all night long!

Egg Drop

Happy Saturday!!

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