On The Road Again!


One of the perks of my job is traveling throughout the many areas I manage. And since it’s such a large geographic area, there are gorgeous sights along the way!

Yesterday I spent the day traveling to a meeting up in my ole college stomping grounds. Beautiful weather, beautiful views,  a beautiful drive!

The only downfall with traveling is eating on the road.   One thing I like to do is make sure I’m prepared with snacks and drinks for the road.


Another BIG part of my travel routine is drinks! Water, water, and more water! I just grabbed this 30 ounce travel mug this week and it’s been amazing.  I left my ice filled mug of water in my Jeep while attending a meeting.  3 hours later, after sitting in the hot car that entire time,  it was still ice cold and had the majority of the ice intact! I highly recommend it! Order yours here!


Sometimes I’m not able to prep beforehand and I need to find meals on the road. This weekend I’ll post some of the best restaurants to order keto while on the road! Stay tuned!

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