On the Road Again…

Brussel Sprouts

This week has been crazy traveling for work.  Today was especially crazy as I traveled for a team recognition event.

Let me set the stage.  10 people at a table in a family style Italian restaurant.  Yikes.

The best part was when we sat down and two of my team members mentioned they had just started Keto! That set the tone for the entire luncheon! It was fun sitting with them and hearing about the beginning of their journeys, giving advice and inspiration.  It felt so good to help someone!

Despite the numerous pasta offerings – our group,  for the most part, kept our selections Keto. Fresh Mozzarella Salad, Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta, Chicken Limone, Spicy Shrimp and even 1/2 pound meatballs!


The food was amazing and surprisingly easy for me to stay on track – even with the massive bowl of pasta making its rounds at the other end of the table… and the fresh bread with olive oil… which in my “past life” was my huge weakness!

I even got to meet the Pope!

I stopped on the way home for a little Starbucks treat 😍 – Trenta Shaken Black Iced Tea with 2 Stevia/No liquid cane! One of my favorites!


A lot of people worry that they won’t be able to eat things they love while on this journey. Surprise! You can,  you’ll enjoy it and you still won’t feel deprived!

You’ve got this!!


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