Never Miss A Monday

Never miss a Monday.

Long before I started this journey I would always hear this phrase. What’s the big deal about Mondays?

I’ve now come to realize that it’s more of a mindset.  Getting yourself up and out the door on a Monday – to the gym,  to run,  to bike, to walk  – it sets the tone for the week ahead.  I’ve now made it one of my goals each week.

It also helps that my rest day is Tuesday each week 😃

But let me tell you… today was hard. I was up far too late last night getting stuff done for our week ahead,  I woke up with a pounding headache, I’m tired, I have only two days of work between me and a week of vacation… the list goes on and on.

But I got up and went to the gym. With this headache,  it wasn’t fun.  Neither was the knee pain from an old injury popping up during my first set of leg extensions. I could have said “screw it” and went home but instead I cut back on the weight a bit and slowed down.

And I finished my workout.

Never Miss a Monday.

July 9th

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