My Wednesday Morning Workout


7.11 workout

Despite the crazy day I had,  I did get up early and hit the gym.

My old knee injury that popped up during my a workout a few days ago was still bothering me so I focused on my upper body instead.  Great workout and even tried some new free weight exercises!

Once we finally got home tonight, our oldest daughter surprised me with a portable tens unit for my knee. Oh my… that was amazing.  I haven’t used one since my knee PT years ago! Super excited to have this around now!


No new Recipe tonight due to the craziness of the day.  I did manage to plan ahead though and throw meatballs in the crock pot with some Rao’s sauce! One of our favorite meals around here!

At the end of the day,  all I can do is smile and remember that tomorrow is another day… Good night everyone!

End of Day me

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