My Personal Keto Journey (Part 2)


After that driver’s license comparison in October of last year,  I was fully focused on this WOE (way of eating)!

I steadily dropped inches. My clothes were just hanging off of me.  I was trying to hold off buying new clothing but I couldn’t wait anymore. I went from a size 16 pants to a 12, then a ten,  then 8…. I’m currently in a size 4/6. I haven’t seen this size since before our children were born! (And our oldest is 23 – so that says something!)

Interesting thing though.  The scale didn’t always move.  I literally went into a 3 month stall where the number did not change but I kept going down in clothing sizes.  XL tops were switched to mediums and smalls – so clearly I was still losing inches!

In the beginning,  while I was strictly calculating my macros – I didn’t really work out and I still lost the weight.  Right around the time of my stall was when I really got back into running and exercising consistently.  So don’t shy away from working out!

Around the same time I started incorporating more exercising into my routine, I also switched over to lazy keto (or dirty keto as it’s sometimes called). It’s a more relaxed version of Keto… no need for the more strict tracking.  It just works better for my lifestyle. I’ll describe lazy keto more in another post!

I steadily lost inches after incorporating running and biking and exercising and weights into my daily routine….I steadily lost inches after switching to lazy keto.  And I stopped jumping on the scale. Just quit doing it! And guess what? Last month I hit my goal weight and never even realized it because I stopped focusing on the scale.

Did I fall off the wagon during the past 11 months? Yep -Numerous times.  Did I have carb up days? Yep, every once in awhile.  Yet,  I still reached my goal.

Your journey is YOURS and will be unlike mine or the next persons. It will not happen overnight.  I can give you the basics… but how it fits into your lifestyle is key.  Follow it the best way it’ll work for you!

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