Meal Prep Sunday!


Meal Prep

I’m back… just in time for Meal Prep Sunday!

It’s been an absolutely crazy week in my world.

My dad had surgery on Tuesday in Philadelphia- which went very well – but he then had some complications after which resulted in him still being in the hospital today. We went down to visit him yesterday and he’s doing significantly better! He’ll be in until at least Wednesday as he’s having a second surgery on Tuesday.

My dad and I are very close so it’s been a rough week for me. Thankfully I was able to keep on track with my workouts and nutrition – mainly in part to my meal prep last weekend.

Meal prep is KEY for me.  I have a very demanding career and then I come home to my full- time job as a wife and mom. There’s very little downtime!

Every Sunday I do my grocery shopping and then spend the late afternoon/evening meal prepping for the week ahead.

Most mornings I’m up early, off to the gym,  home to shower and then in a mad dash out the door to work. To be able to have meals and snacks prepped ahead of time saves me so much time!

One of my favorites is shredded chicken.  You can make a huge batch of it and then prepare/season it many different ways! Sugar free bbq sauce, fajita seasoning, buffalo sauce, add some mayo for chicken salad… the possibilities are endless. Pair it up with some green beans or other veggie and you’re good to go!

Another favorite of mine is steak tips, seasoned and a perfect medium-rare. Add broccoli with a touch of cheddar sauce and a perfect lunch.

Steak tips

Snacks are another big deal for me. Whether I’m stuck at my desk in my home office for the day,  traveling or sitting in an all-day conference – I need my snacks! Cubed cheese, meat sticks,  pickles,  hardboiled eggs, olives, sausage & cream cheese roll ups, sugar free jello, nuts…all prepped and  packaged and ready to go!

By taking an hour or so each weekend to prep for the week ahead… you’ll manage to avoid those inevitable moments of “what am I gonna eat for lunch?” And avoid those unhealthy temptations in the breakroom!


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