Let’s talk about NSVs…

Let’s talk about Non-Scale Victories or NSVs for short.   These are those perfectly wonderful moments of sheer happiness that pop up unexpectedly during your journey.

NSVs are just that – small victories that aren’t reflected on the scale.

These are just three of my favorites along this journey so far!

Beach dress

My favorite beach dress. Purchased in 2010 for vacation. Worn ONCE on that vacation and felt completely uncomfortable in it.  Kept that dress in my closet for 8 years… trying it on from time to time but it never fit.  Until last month.  And that baby slid right on! Didn’t even need to use that zipper I struggled with eight years ago!


The first bikini IN YEARS that I’ve ever felt truly comfortable in and rocked with confidence.

I’ve had two piece bathing suits before but never felt this good in them.  I wore this out on the beach last weekend and didn’t even hesitate taking off my cover up.  That confidence alone was a NSV!

Old Navy

New summer clothing in a size I haven’t seen since before I had children.

Shopping is something I love to do.  But even now,  almost a year into my journey – I still tend to gravitate towards the extra large sizes.  I literally feel like I need to re-train my brain to shop for smaller sizes.

I didn’t walk into Old Navy thinking I’d walk out with size 6 shorts and small/medium tops. I picked up a size 14 pair of shorts and my teenaged daughter turned to me and said – mom,  you don’t wear that size anymore.  I didn’t even think when I picked it up.

I still pick up smaller sizes and think to myself – no way is that gonna fit you Deb.  And every single time…I surprise myself.

NSVs are magical little moments along the way and they seem to pop up when you most need them!

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