Let’s Face It… Injuries Suck


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw yesterday that I pulled a hamstring muscle.  😟

After coming off a high from running 6.8 miles for the Ragnar Chase The Moon Challenge on Friday night to a TRX workout and another full workout yesterday…I felt amazing! During my post-workout stretching… yes, I said POST workout – I bent for a standing toe touch and POP. That distinctive POP that immediately makes you stop in your tracks because you just know what it means.  The POP that crushes your soul after an amazing two days of workouts.

I came home and immediately elevated it with ice on/off the rest of the day. I’ve been here before with this type of injury… so patience is key. Problem is – I’m not a patient person.

I’m not a very good patient AT ALL. In fact,  it’s KILLING me that I slept in today (8AM is sleeping in for me on gym days) because I needed to rest my leg. It’s killing me that I’m sitting here elevating and icing again this morning.  It’s killing me that my leg feels really REALLY good this morning and it’s tricking my mind into thinking I’m ok.

So this morning I’ll rest and make myself relax.  I’ll finish reading my favorite book that I’ve been putting off finishing because it’s THAT good…

I won’t promise that I’ll be like this all day.  Chances are likely that I’ll do some form of upper body workout today – either here or at the gym.

I’m stubborn.  I know it.


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