Keto “flu”

Keto flu

One of the first questions I get from someone interested in Keto is how bad is the Keto Flu?

“Keto flu” is not the actual flu but in some cases can make you feel just as bad.  It’s the name we give a set of symptoms that SOME people experience at the beginning.  Notice I say SOME. Everyone is different and your body will react differently.  You may get one symptom,  you may get all! I was lucky,  the most I experienced in the beginning was a bad headache.

Symptoms could include:


These symptoms can last anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

However, since a majority of these symptoms are due to losing a large amount of water and sodium – there are ways to help combat these symptoms and feel better soon!

Replenishing your electrolytes is key. Be sure you’re drinking enough water.  Dehydration can often give you headaches, nausea and fatigue – so be sure to keep drinking that water!

Another great option is bone broth. A simple bone broth can be made at home in your crockpot.  Fill the crockpot with water,  add 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar,  add your beef bones and put it on low heat… usually about 10-12 hours. Once cool,  strain it and then refrigerate.

When you remove it after refrigeration,  it will be very gelatinous! Don’t worry – once you heat it up,  it’ll be broth once again!

Another great option is pickle juice.  Yes, pickle juice.  I drink a “shot” of it at least once a day now.  And when I get a headache,  it’s the first thing I grab.

Remember,  not everyone will get “keto flu” – but if you develop one symptom or all of them,  it’ll be over soon! Don’t give up!

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