It’s All About Goals


This is a post from my Instagram a few days ago and it perfectly captures where I am in my journey!  You may not be to this point yet – but you’ll get there!  Just trust in yourself!!

Confession time. I don’t step on the scale often. 😯 Most people assume that if you’re working out and watching what you eat that you’re obsessed with the scale. Don’t get me wrong…I used to be that way but then something changed. The more I worked out, the more lean muscle mass I put on… the scale wouldn’t budge. But my clothes were falling off! I was focusing SO MUCH on that magic number that I wasn’t seeing the changes! So I stopped. It wasn’t easy – but I did it. This morning I spotted my old friend the scale and thought why not? And guess what? At some point, I met my “goal weight” and then some! And I didn’t even notice! Did it feel good? Yes. But I’ve FELT good for awhile now – not focusing on that number… so it was more of a validation. So bye bye for a few more months Mr Scale! This girl has a life to live! 😍



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