I’m still here…and Ready to Go for 2019


Hello everyone!  I’m still here and still Keto!  🙂

The past few months have been insanely crazy around here.  Between our daughter’s activities, work, volunteering, and my gym time – there’s been no time to breathe it seems!

But I’m back and ready to go for 2019!

While I wasn’t strict Keto the past few months…I still managed to maintain!  Score one for me! But I’m back and ready to share my journey with each of you!

I’ve even added our very own Putting In The Work Instagram page for you to follow along!  (You’re more than welcome to continue following my personal Instagram page – sebock5 – if you’d like though!)  The new page will be devoted solely to my Keto journey!

Thank you to everyone who has checked in the past few months and are still around!  To those of you who are new (and maybe just starting the New Year with Keto) – WELCOME!

The Keto Journey is definitely worth it and while results are different for everyone – this journey has been worth it for me!

So Welcome 2019…big things in store for me!  🙂

Stay tuned!!



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