Changing It Up!


Today I decided to change it up a bit. Our youngest daughter had Varsity Cheer practice early this morning so instead of hitting the gym,  I hit the school complex instead!

And let me tell you… I’m feeling it tonight!

After a good stretch,  I started with bleacher runs.  I was on the Visitor side so it’s a smaller set of bleachers.


A combination of sprints, mountain climbers,  bear crawls,  lunges, squats and I even threw in some pushups and tricep dips.

After that, a 3 mile run through the school complex… with a nice big hill in the middle! After the run,  I decided to do sprints on that hill.  By then it was really getting hot out there!



Practice was still in full swing, so I grabbed my beach towel and hit the grass behind the bleachers for some ab, core and leg work.  I think the field maintenance crew driving around on the golf carts thought I was insane 😜


When all was said and done…I got a full 2 hour workout in! TWO HOURS. I’m pretty darn impressed with myself.

So tonight I’m relaxing at home with a simple steak salad and some of my favorite ginger peach iced tea!

Salad and tea

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