What IS Keto?



If you made it to my blog, chances are you’ve already did some research on Keto.

Keto is basically a way of eating where you can actively help your body burn the excess fat that your body has stored.
This is achieved by limiting the amount of carbohydrates you consume in a day (usually 20 g of net carbs/day) and adding in healthy fats and lean protein to balance it out.

Once you limit the carbs that you are consuming, you enter a state called “nutritional ketosis”. At this point, your body will no longer rely on carbohydrates for energy – it will now start burning fast as it’s primary fuel source.

My Favorite Keto Breakfast

pancakesDo you only eat Bacon???

I get asked this question A LOT.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bacon.  I would eat it everyday if I could.  My usual breakfast is 4 egg whites fried in Kerrygold butter and a few slices of bacon.  But I love to mix my breakfast up a bit each week.  I try to meal prep every Sunday and these Keto Pancakes are a great addition to my breakfast rotation.

Light, fluffy…so good.  My family even loves them!  Add in some sugar free syrup and it’s a quick delicious breakfast.

I usually prepare a big batch of them and then refrigerate for the week.  These would freeze really well too!  Every morning I’ll pull a couple out – heat in the microwave for a few seconds and BOOM – instant breakfast!

Looking for an easy recipe to kick off your Keto or Healthier Living journey?  This is it!