I’m still here…and Ready to Go for 2019


Hello everyone!  I’m still here and still Keto!  🙂

The past few months have been insanely crazy around here.  Between our daughter’s activities, work, volunteering, and my gym time – there’s been no time to breathe it seems!

But I’m back and ready to go for 2019!

While I wasn’t strict Keto the past few months…I still managed to maintain!  Score one for me! But I’m back and ready to share my journey with each of you!

I’ve even added our very own Putting In The Work Instagram page for you to follow along!  (You’re more than welcome to continue following my personal Instagram page – sebock5 – if you’d like though!)  The new page will be devoted solely to my Keto journey!

Thank you to everyone who has checked in the past few months and are still around!  To those of you who are new (and maybe just starting the New Year with Keto) – WELCOME!

The Keto Journey is definitely worth it and while results are different for everyone – this journey has been worth it for me!

So Welcome 2019…big things in store for me!  🙂

Stay tuned!!



It’s a Big Day!


It’s my One Year Anniversary on Keto! And what an amazing year it’s been!

Exactly one year ago today I started this journey and NEVER did I think a year later I’d be here where I am. 80 pounds gone.  Stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in ages and BOOM. There it was. -80

Whenever someone asks me what the most important thing is in the beginning – I always say “take before pictures”.  I tell everyone this because I didn’t.  I have very few full length photos of myself from the beginning and the few photos I do have are ones that I had to take 25 different takes to find one I even liked!

But there is one picture from a year ago that I have.  Our oldest daughter surprised me with tickets to see Guns ‘n Roses last year. August 13th, 2017 to be exact.  I was SO excited for this concert…a definite bucket list item!

I had been looking into keto for a few weeks and was contemplating starting soon. Then I took this picture with my beautiful daughter and “that moment” hit me.

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Let’s Face It… Injuries Suck


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw yesterday that I pulled a hamstring muscle.  😟

After coming off a high from running 6.8 miles for the Ragnar Chase The Moon Challenge on Friday night to a TRX workout and another full workout yesterday…I felt amazing! During my post-workout stretching… yes, I said POST workout – I bent for a standing toe touch and POP. That distinctive POP that immediately makes you stop in your tracks because you just know what it means.  The POP that crushes your soul after an amazing two days of workouts.

I came home and immediately elevated it with ice on/off the rest of the day. I’ve been here before with this type of injury… so patience is key. Problem is – I’m not a patient person.

I’m not a very good patient AT ALL. In fact,  it’s KILLING me that I slept in today (8AM is sleeping in for me on gym days) because I needed to rest my leg. It’s killing me that I’m sitting here elevating and icing again this morning.  It’s killing me that my leg feels really REALLY good this morning and it’s tricking my mind into thinking I’m ok.

So this morning I’ll rest and make myself relax.  I’ll finish reading my favorite book that I’ve been putting off finishing because it’s THAT good…

I won’t promise that I’ll be like this all day.  Chances are likely that I’ll do some form of upper body workout today – either here or at the gym.

I’m stubborn.  I know it.


Today’s Workout – 7.18.18

7.18 workout

Today’s gym workout!

Since I’ve upped my cardio lately with runs,  I’ve been focusing on upper body and core the past few weeks.

Another fun thing I’m doing is each week I’m branching out and trying new weight machines at my gym. 😎 We all become creatures of habit at times and I sometimes fall into a rut of using the same machines – just in different combinations.

I love to mix it up a bit though so I’m gradually adding new ones in. Today I added the MTS Chest Press and the Upright Cable Reverse Fly! It’s only been 5 hours since I left the gym but I’m definitely feeling it! 🏋️‍♀️

Feeling so much stronger today. Yesterday was a crappy day. A good night’s sleep and a positive attitude and I’m in a much better place today!!