Baby Steps!

What a week!

My father had his second surgery in Philadelphia this week so there was a lot of driving back and forth.  And MUCH stress! Thankfully his surgery went well (much better than last week’s) and he finally got to go home after 9 days in the hospital.  Such a relief to our family! Now he’s on his road to recovery…

… And so am I!

Remember that pulled hamstring from 2 weeks ago? I’ve been taking it easy and resting and stretching and tonight I tested it out… my first mile back!

One mile
One mile down…a billion more to go!

It wasn’t pretty.  AT ALL. It was not my fastest time.  BY FAR.

But it’s done and it was pain free. I’m not a patient person but I listened to my body and did everything it needed. And it worked.

One mile down…a billion more to go! I’ve got this!!

Me 1 mile

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