Another Gorgeous Saturday


Another gorgeous day in PA! Look at that – not a cloud in the sky! And for the first time in a week, no horrendous humidity! There’s even a breeze!

I actually slept in this morning…albeit only until 8am, but that’s late for me these days. So my arrival at the gym was 2 hours later than normal.  What a difference two hours makes! Ugh! The place was packed.  I still managed to get a good workout in though. Full weights – low weight/low reps as I ran today as well. Workout is posted below!

After the gym,  a quick 2 mile run at the island. Not gonna lie… that was tough after all my runs this week were indoors in the a/c! Finished off my workout with a stop at Dunkin.  I’m an unsweetened iced tea addict…I could devote numerous posts to my love of unsweetened iced tea.  😍


Lots of fun on the agenda today for our family! I’ll be sure to check in later! Enjoy your Saturday!

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