About Me

Hi! My name is Deb. Welcome to my blog, Putting in the Work: Healthier Living.


I started my journey to healthier living through Keto in August 2017.  I’ve always had a love for healthy foods and exercise – but could never find the time to fully devote.  After doing some online research, I decided to jump into the Ketogenic way of eating and I haven’t looked back!

70 pounds gone and 10 months later – here I am!  I’m 45 and in the best shape of my adult life!  I’m happy, healthy and enjoying life to the fullest!  I’ve even rediscovered my love of fitness and running!

If you’ve made it here to my page…you’re already looking at Keto or healthier living and that’s the first step!  I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Why did I start this blog?  I’ve had SO many friends and family members reach out to me inquiring as to what I’m doing – Where do I start?  Do I really have to eat bacon all the time?  Isn’t your cholesterol through the roof?  It got to the point where I was literally copying/pasting the same information over and over again.  So for the past few months I’ve been working on creating an outlet for my friends and family to view.  This blog is a direct result of that!  Tips, Recipes, Workout ideas, motivation – all in one place!

I’m not an expert at Keto or healthy living or fitness by ANY means.  I’m just a small town girl who tried something and it works!  If I can do this – you can too!

Welcome to Putting in the Work!  I hope you enjoy your time with me!